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In this surreal road novel, Anthony searches for the father he’s never met: Andy Kaufman, the legendary song-and-dance man from the ’70s. There’s a few problems here, of course. A) Andy Kaufman died in 1984, and B) Thanks to a recent cancer diagnosis, Anthony doesn’t have much longer to live, either. However, new evidence has come to light that questions whether or not Kaufman is actually dead. Could he be in hiding, after all these years? Anthony is determined to discover the truth before his own clock runs out. During his travels, he will encounter shameless medicine men, grifters, Walmart shoppers, the ghosts of Elvis and Warhol, and the Devil himself.




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T. Fox Dunham is a well published and successful author currently residing in Philadelphia.

Fox brings his life experience to his work as both a cancer survivor and a modern bard. In his late adolescence, he was diagnosed with a rare cell-type of Lymphoma, which he was not supposed to have survived. He did, much to the chagrin of his doctors, after ongoing an intense course of both CHEMO therapy and radiation. Both treatments damaged his body, and he endures a range of symptoms and disabilities that continue to worsen.

As a modern bard, he works with the spiritual quality of the Awen to both create his work and to heal.  

Fox is an active member of the Horror Writer's Association.

He’s been published in many anthologies and journals, having cast out hundreds of short stories into the world. In 2013, he broke into long fiction. His first novel, The Street Martyr, was published by Gutter Books. It is now being filmed as a major motion picture by Throughline Films to premier in 2016.  

Fox has also had published several novellas including Doctor Kevorkian Goes to Heaven by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. He is currently finishing his next two books. Mercy is being edited by Blood Bound Books—a horror hospital novel. The Tangible Illusion of Reality or Searching for Andy Kaufman has been obtained by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  

T. Fox Dunham and Jay Wilburn have both contribute to two anthologies, collections of their short fiction. The first anthology, The Siren and the Dragonfly, was published by Hazardous Press with dark artwork from Amy Rims. It received notable mention in Best of Horror #6. Hazardous Press will be publishing a follow-up anthology, The Rip & Rhythm, set for late 2014, also including artwork from Amy Rims.  

Fox continues to work, fishing in the summer and rolling dice for D&D in the winter. He and his girlfriend Allison are planning an engagement for early 2015, and his writing will continue to progress.

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