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In this surreal road novel, Anthony searches for the father he’s never met: Andy Kaufman, the legendary song-and-dance man from the ’70s. There’s a few problems here, of course. A) Andy Kaufman died in 1984, and B) Thanks to a recent cancer diagnosis, Anthony doesn’t have much longer to live, either. However, new evidence has come to light that questions whether or not Kaufman is actually dead. Could he be in hiding, after all these years? Anthony is determined to discover the truth before his own clock runs out. During his travels, he will encounter shameless medicine men, grifters, Walmart shoppers, the ghosts of Elvis and Warhol, and the Devil himself.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lori Michelle Signing

It's a slow evening at the convention as every prepares for the banquet. Not me. I'm out for a night and the tour. Lori Michelle is signing books at the Hazardous Press table.

Good Afternoon on Saturday at New Orleans-WHC

The day is speeding by, and we're talking to many authors and editors at the table. Some great panels today, and we're looking forward to seeing the city tonight. Such a gorgeous city, alive with music.

LE. White is signing books right now with us at the Hazardous Press Table.

L.E. White at the Hazardous Press table.

Saturday Morning at the WHC in New Orleans

Today is really the heart of the convention. Tonight is the famed Bram Stoker's awards dinner to name some truly deserve people in the industry. Today, many of the people who couldn't come in during the work are riding in today, so it's been a fun day meeting and greeting. We had Dane Hatchell signing this morning, and he's an amazing guy. His book, Mind Hemorrhages, is out now from Hazardous Press.

Dane Hatchell signing at the table. Jay Wilburn next to him.
I got to spend some time with Joe McKinney, a great author. I was thrilled to meet him. It turns out he released a book with Gutter Books, who is publishing the Street Martyr in the summer and has worked with my editor Matthew Lewis. We're publisher buddies! Joe is one of the amazing people I've come to know here in New Orleans.

And later, The Voodoo museum and the vampire tour with Max Booth III and Lori Michelle. I'll be updating more later.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Evening Friday Night at the WHC

Night is drawing on here at the World Horror Convention 2013 in New Orleans. Our signing schedule is continuing, and Mark Scioneaux signed copies of Family Dinner. We enjoyed his company. He’s one of the many excellent authors signing at the Hazardous Press Table here at the World Horror Con.

Mark Scioneaux signing books.

Signing now is Armand Rosamilia with his new book, Creeping Death, an anthology of short stories. “It’s some of my favorite stories that have been printed before or never been published, he says. I’ve been looking forward to meeting Armand, fellow author and editor of Rymfire Books, publisher of the US State horror series. I’m in the PA State of Horror and the NJ Horror.

Armand Rosamilia

We’ll be closing in a little bit and opening tomorrow. And tonight we enjoy the city. More pics coming soon.

Good Afternoon from New Orleans WHC

Afternoon creeps along at the WHC in New Orleans. We’ve meet some great authors, and we’re selling a lot of books. Andrew S. Fuller just stopped by. I was honored to meet him. He’s the editor of Three-Lobed Burning Eye. It’s one of the longest standing horror magazines in print, since 1999. It’s set a new standard for publishing in a frantic time as markets are born, live and die so fast.

Andrew S. Fuller, Editor and Author.

Later on, Armand Rosamilia will be signing!

Good Morning New Orleans

Good morning New Orleans and the World Horror Convention. New Orleans is an amazing city at any time, and last night after the convention shut, Lori Michelle, Max Booth III and myself went on the town for dinner. This city denies you sleep, not out of noise or distraction, but because you don’t want to sleep. The city is a constant insomniac, and why should it ever sleep? The music never stops. People filled the streets through the night in states of excitement—and clothing. We passed several ladies in various states of dress, and it blended into the background in a dark and erotic atmosphere that added the rich flavor of the streets.

This morning, before setting up here at the dealer’s room, we walked down to find a proper cappuccino in size outside of the hotel, and we spent some time with Tina McKinney, Joe McKinney’s—famed horror author—wife. She was lovely, and she’s here with her family. We returned with cappuccino and began greeting authors.

I just spent time talking with James Chambers. He’s head of the membership committee of the HWA, and we talked about professional standards for publishers. I’ll be writing more about that later. He had to run off for a panel. We’ve been discussing the new frontier of e-publishing and how important it is to maintain professional standards yet also allow new publishers time to grow without killing them.

James Chambers holding Max Booth III's new book, They Might Be Demons. James is chair of the HWA membership committee.

 I’ll keep you updated. Keep checking back! And leave some comments if you like!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Night at the World Horror Con in New Orleans

The night is going fast, and we've been talking to many authors, editors and readers. Mandy DeGeit has just blown in like a tornado, looking for beer and meting friends. She's just gone through two panels, or they've gone through her. I'm quite charmed by the illustrations decorating her agile arms, reminding me of an excited Illustrated Woman from Ray Bradbury, though I doubt Ray Bradbury could ever dream up a thunderstorm like her. She's handing out her bookmarks, and a fellow just came up and she handed him one and said, "You need a f*cking bookmark."

Mandy DeGeit and Lori Michelle.

We've been talking tonight about the world of publishing and the changes that have happened as the internet changes this industry. Many authors here tonight are coming back to writing, and they will need to learn all the rules again and protocol. We've talked about professional publishers and the string of vanity publishers or publishers who start with good intentions then slowly lose their energy and devotion as they are hit by the slow long burn of promotion. Steady publishers are successful. They take their time, buy a few manuscripts every year, and they continue to promote those books over the years, keeping a steady fire burning.

The night is slowing down, but we'll be keeping you updated through the weekend. 

And to quote Mandy: "Bitches!"

The World Horror Convention in New Orleans

This morning we arrived in New Orleans for the World Horror Convention. The flight went smooth. We transferred in Nashville. Arrived and took a cab to the Hotel Monteleone. We set up the Hazardous Press table in the Dealer Room, where we also waited for Max Booth III and Lori Michelle of Dark Moon Books, so we could help them unload their car. Max entrained us with the travails of his trip.

So far we've had an amazing turn out, and it's been an enlightening experience meeting many of the authors I have shared TOCs with. I'll be updating you through the next few days here, on Facebook and on Twitter. I got to meet Eric J Guignard, which was a thrill. He pulled me over during the welcome ceremony. We've got some great books out, and New Orleans is amazing. Be writing more soon.

Jay Wilburn says... I don't know. Comment coming soon...