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In this surreal road novel, Anthony searches for the father he’s never met: Andy Kaufman, the legendary song-and-dance man from the ’70s. There’s a few problems here, of course. A) Andy Kaufman died in 1984, and B) Thanks to a recent cancer diagnosis, Anthony doesn’t have much longer to live, either. However, new evidence has come to light that questions whether or not Kaufman is actually dead. Could he be in hiding, after all these years? Anthony is determined to discover the truth before his own clock runs out. During his travels, he will encounter shameless medicine men, grifters, Walmart shoppers, the ghosts of Elvis and Warhol, and the Devil himself.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Good Morning New Orleans

Good morning New Orleans and the World Horror Convention. New Orleans is an amazing city at any time, and last night after the convention shut, Lori Michelle, Max Booth III and myself went on the town for dinner. This city denies you sleep, not out of noise or distraction, but because you don’t want to sleep. The city is a constant insomniac, and why should it ever sleep? The music never stops. People filled the streets through the night in states of excitement—and clothing. We passed several ladies in various states of dress, and it blended into the background in a dark and erotic atmosphere that added the rich flavor of the streets.

This morning, before setting up here at the dealer’s room, we walked down to find a proper cappuccino in size outside of the hotel, and we spent some time with Tina McKinney, Joe McKinney’s—famed horror author—wife. She was lovely, and she’s here with her family. We returned with cappuccino and began greeting authors.

I just spent time talking with James Chambers. He’s head of the membership committee of the HWA, and we talked about professional standards for publishers. I’ll be writing more about that later. He had to run off for a panel. We’ve been discussing the new frontier of e-publishing and how important it is to maintain professional standards yet also allow new publishers time to grow without killing them.

James Chambers holding Max Booth III's new book, They Might Be Demons. James is chair of the HWA membership committee.

 I’ll keep you updated. Keep checking back! And leave some comments if you like!

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